The Twine Lab provides a space for children to build and create. At The Twine Lab we strive to spark the imagination and introduce children to the world of tinkering. Kids are supported, guided and encouraged to design, create, build and explore with real materials and tools.

This is a child-led environment designed intentionally to help children learn scientific and artistic concepts, problem solving, and build peer relationships.



Students, ages 3-12, will explore hands-on, creative ways to design, experiment, build and invent. Student will have access to art materials, building materials, and learn how to safely use tools of all types.


Over three days you'll work closely with other tinkerers to design, build, and problem solve a unique project using the tools and materials in The Twine Lab shop! If you are returning, you will jump right into designing. First time tinkers will learn to safely use drills, clamps, saws and different ways to work together and collaborate!  


Workshops feature unique seasonal one-day projects offered a few times each month. Check back or contact us at  for information on upcoming workshops.


Come celebrate at The Twine lab! Contact us for available dates and to discuss ideas at