What should my Child Bring?

For every Class, Workshop, or Camp:

  •  A refillable water bottle.
  • Closed-toe shoes (we work with heavy and messy things).
  • Comfortable clothes that can get dirty. (Seriously, whatever they wear may get dirty or even torn).

Additional items for any All Day Offerings (One Day Workshops, Day Camp, Break Camps):

  •  A nutritious and delicious lunch.
  • A snack for snack time.
  • Sunscreen already applied for the day (send extra if your child has sensitive skin). We go outside most workshops and most days.

Will my child always be bringing something home? 

Creating at The Twine Lab is about collaboration, problem solving, curiosity and perseverance. Fabrication is just the medium through which we explore those goals. Team problem-solving is the end, fabrication is the means. With this in mind some of our camps and workshops do not have a "trophy" at the end. Our after school free choice and some creative workshops are an opportunity for individualized projects that Tinkerers can bring something home. 

Is there class this week? When does class start? When does it end?

You can find the answer to these and most other scheduling issues by checking the http://www.thetwinelab.com calendar and checking the "workshops and classes"  page.

How do I know what workshops my child is the right age for?

Most of our classes and workshops list the age range of the program.

My child is turning just old enough (or too old) to attend during the next session, can I enroll them anyway?

The best age to go by is their age as of the first day of the session. Exceptions are possible on a case by case basis. Please email thetwinelab@gmail.com if you have more questions.

A class I want to sign up for is full, what should I do?

Join the Wait-list! We love wait-lists and use them to help make sure we achieve gender and age balances conducive to an amazing experience for every child and peer-group. If something is full, please join the wait-list if you want to go. We use them often. They also let us monitor demand, know when to hire more staff, and know what to offer more of! You can join the wait list by sending us an email  thetwinelab@gmail.com with your contact information and desired class.